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SkyDrone Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services is an advanced aerial inspection service utilizes the most advanced technology, ICAO/FAA licensed pilots, industry specialists, and certified operators to detect weak points before they impact your operation network.

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Phone: 1-800-670-1364

Our Locations

SkyDrone UAVS Canada
Main Office
#309,  5980 – 2nd Street
Grand Forks, BC,
VOH  1H4, Canada

West Coast Office
3527 Mt Diablo Blvd #342
Lafayette, CA
94549, USA

Main Office
1621 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY
82001, USA

SkyDrone UAVS Brazil
Rua 119-B Quadra F-38, Lote 2
Setor Sul, Goiana, Goias,
Brazil CEP 74.085-420
Call: 63-8129-8364

Cal Poly School of Business – BS Business Administration alum with decades of experience in solving business problems and devising marketing strategies for rapid growth.

Rob is a highly focused yet flexible executive team member skilled at identifying opportunities to increase revenues and position companies for continued sales and/or investment growth. Proven record as a self-motivated initiator of marketing campaigns that translate business and functional requirements into actionable items.

I’m here to answer any questions you might have about our products and services. Feel free to contact me using any of the following methods:

Email: wickeninc ‘at’
Phone: 800-670-1364
LinkedIn: Rob Wickens

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