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SkyDrone Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services is an advanced aerial inspection service utilizes the most advanced technology, ICAO/FAA licensed pilots, industry specialists, and certified operators to detect weak points before they impact your operation network.

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SkyDrone UAVS Canada
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#309,  5980 – 2nd Street
Grand Forks, BC,
VOH  1H4, Canada

West Coast Office
3527 Mt Diablo Blvd #342
Lafayette, CA
94549, USA

Main Office
1621 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY
82001, USA

SkyDrone UAVS Brazil
Rua 119-B Quadra F-38, Lote 2
Setor Sul, Goiana, Goias,
Brazil CEP 74.085-420
Call: 63-8129-8364

Need Help Planning Your Aerial Inspection?Need Data To Make Immediate Decisions?Current Inspections Not Cost Effective?We can help!View our services below...
25+ Years Of Industrial Consulting Services Experience

The potential for unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV] or drones in the civil and commercial environment is increasing at an exponential rate. Currently there are only a few ICAO/FAA compliant approaches allowing civilian operations of these aircraft in National Air Space [NAS].

The potential for use of UAVs in industry is virtually limitless for surveys, inspections and analysis of power transmission, distribution systems and other industrial infrastructure.

Planning UAV Missions Takes The Right Team!

There are a myriad of manufactures and broad selection of aircraft available in today’s rapidly expanding market. Within this selection of aircraft are a wide variety of sizes, systems, payloads and endurance capabilities. Companies wanting to implement UAVS systems will be confronted with all these possibilities will need to make educated decisions.

SkyDrone UAVS can provide your company with an industry professional that will provide your company with the service and tools need to make those informed decisions.

  • UAV Introduction | Capability Brief | Limitations
  • Company Needs Assessment | Definition of Requirements
  • Aircraft Comparison Analysis | Asset Acquisition
  • Equipment Selection | Mission Package Acquisition
  • System Incorporation | Implementation
  • UAV System Education | Training

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