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SkyDrone Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services is an advanced aerial inspection service utilizes the most advanced technology, ICAO/FAA licensed pilots, industry specialists, and certified operators to detect weak points before they impact your operation network.

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SkyDrone UAVS Canada
Main Office
#309,  5980 – 2nd Street
Grand Forks, BC,
VOH  1H4, Canada

West Coast Office
3527 Mt Diablo Blvd #342
Lafayette, CA
94549, USA

Main Office
1621 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY
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SkyDrone UAVS Brazil
Rua 119-B Quadra F-38, Lote 2
Setor Sul, Goiana, Goias,
Brazil CEP 74.085-420
Call: 63-8129-8364

Ready To Be A Professional UAV Pilot?Want To Love What You Do?Not Sure What Training and Certifications You Need?We can help!View our services below...
Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot Training

To operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) legally in Canada requires the operator to have successfully completed an approved ground and flight training program meeting Transport Canada standards in order to obtain a UAV Pilots Certificate. For each additional type of UAV to be flown, training specific to that type and model is required.

A Flight Instructor will assist you in obtaining pilot certification. You will have to pass some tests to verify your aviation knowledge and skills. There are two tests a multiple choice knowledge test and a Flight Test. Before you take the tests you’ll need to prepare by completing “Ground School” studies. Students can take the knowledge test after having completed ground school.

What Does It Take To Become A Pilot?

You will need to complete the flight training and meet the minimum amount of training for the type of UAV certificate you are seeking. This training time includes the time flown with your CFI (dual instruction) and the time that you fly the aircraft alone (solo).

Once you have the solo endorsement, at the appropriate time your instructor will have you fly the aircraft solo. Your instructor will supervise the rest of your solo work so that you accomplish specific goals and tasks, like flying obstacle courses to simulate inspection work etc. found at a typical job site.

After you have completed the minimum flight times and have demonstrated to your instructor that you’re ready to be a UAV pilot, he or she will give you an endorsement to take the practical “Flight Test”. The flight test consists of two parts, an oral test and a flight test. You must be successful at both to earn your pilot/operators certification.

SUAV Pilot Certification Program

Complete a minimum of 18 hours of ground school instruction and two weeks of practice using a flight simulator program prior to attending the certification program.


  • Must be eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Students must complete and sign a medical declaration form indicating that they do not have any of the listed health issues.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak fluent English.


  • Medical Declaration
  • The completed “Category 4 Medical Declaration” is to be completed and submitted with your application.
  • Ground School

Students are required to attend a minimum number of hours of formal lectures on subjects such as Air regulations, Airmanship, Navigation, Meteorology, Theory of Flight, Pilot Decision Making, Engines, Motors, Airframes, Electronic Systems, Radio Communications and Special Flight Operation Certificates. Upon completion of ground school the student must complete and pass a multiple choice knowledge test to obtain certification.


Flight simulator practice using home computer is required two weeks prior to attending the course. Basic flight lessons (2 hours) are carried out using multi rotor UAVs.


Unmanned Aerial Systems Course – 3 Day Program


  • Ground School Tuition – 3 day program 15 hr
  • Basic Flight Lessons – Multi-rotor UAV 2 hr
  • Flight Simulator Program
  • Books & Supplies
  • UAV Theory Test & Administration
  • VFR Radio Procedures
    Ground School Certification

[download syllabus here]

Note: Home study and flight simulator practice prior to the three day program is required.

Depending upon student abilities additional training may be required to complete the program.

Additional Programs Available

  • DJI Innovations Multi-rotor UAV – Pilot Certification. 12 hour.
  • Private Flight Lessons: $100.00 Per Hour*

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

SkyDrone UAV Pilot Training Registration
  • Complete and submit an application [download form here].
  • Complete and submit the medical declaration form [download form here].
  • Upon receipt of your application and medical declaration we will begin processing your registration, confirming a start date.
  • A deposit of $200.00 is required to complete registration with balance paid before your start date.


SkyDrone UAV Services is located in south central BC near the Canada, US border on the Grand Forks airport. The moderate climate makes for ideal flight training conditions. Facilities include main office, classroom, pilot lounge and maintenance shop.


SkyDrone UAV Services flight training program is carried out in partnership with Western Aviation Services Ltd. Western Aviation Services Ltd is a Transport Canada approved flight training facility.


Discounted accommodations can be arranged by SkyDrone and we are happy to help you prepare for a great experience while in Grand Forks. Contact us for the Grand Forks Accommodation Guide

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